The Black Hole in the Dark Side Service or screenplay for Star Wars 9

Famous movie Star Wars is becoming boring, Rebels already 3 times have found a vulnerability in the Death Star and destroyed it. From the Dark Side, new things cannot be noticed as well. Every time just bigger Death Star, the same rays, that can destroy the whole planet. It is worth noting, that in episode 7 they went a little bit far and implemented multitasking, i.e. it is possible to destroy many planets at once :) But in general, it is already dull.

It is time to invent something new as for the rebels and Light Side and for Dark Side.

This technical screenplay is suggested: New Death Star is a shell around the star (Dyson sphere). By using all the energy, emitted by the star, Death Star creates the Black Hole. This Black Hole is created with initial momentum, towards to unwanted planet and of course at a safe distance for the Death Star itself.

When the Black Hole reaches the planet, it sucks the whole planet and everything on it.

Looks like a nice theory, but let's calculate technical possibility :).

How the Black Hole can be created

Just by intersecting very powerful light beams. If the density of energy will reach the required level, then according to Einstein formula E=mc2 Black Hole can be created. If these light beams have the same direction or nonzero average momentum, then the Balck Hole will get this momentum and will move in the same direction as well, like shown in this picture.

Green lines — original light beams, red arrow — Black Hole moving direction.

Requirements for the Black Hole, which should be capable of swallowing up the whole planet

Simple calculation by Schwarzschild radius equation shows, that Black Hole with 1 mm diameter will have the mass around 5% of Earth mass. This Black Hole creates gravitation 200 times more than Earth in 100 km distance, which is enough to devour the whole Earth-size planet. Or at least there will be a several hundred kilometres hole through the planet, which will lead to planet destruction as a result of the influence it's own gravity.

If it is taken into account, that our Sun in the form of energy (by equation E=mc2) radiates 4 million tonnes per second, then to create this Black Hole all radiation from the Sun should be collected during 2.6 million years. Looks unrealistic even for Star Wars :). If another star bigger than Sun is taken, (for example Supergiant star), which radiates 100000 times more energy, then it is only 26 years. It is still too much, and something more sophisticated should be invented.

Black Hole with feeding up :)

If all radiation, which Supergiant star emits in 1 second will be focused in the sphere diameter 10-12m, then small Black Hole will be created. This small Black Hole cannot absorb the whole planet because its gravity on 50 meters distance will be equals to Earth. But this Black Hole can be fed and grown up by using star matter. How to pump star matter Dark Side have learned in episode 7 :)

This is how process of planet sucking can look like :)

How can be noted at the end of the video, part of the planet survived and rebels could escape :)

It can be fixed by changing a little bit parameters of relative motion between Black Hole and the planet and it will be like this.

If planet and Black Hole does not move relative to each other, process will be like this

The whole overall process can look like this

Happy end for Rebels and Light Side

It seems, that rebels cannot do anything now, This Death Star does not have the reactor, nothing can be exploded, but destroy the whole star is too difficult for the rebels. Is there no way out for the Light Side and they will have to surrender?

But of course, there is always a way :)

1st, all Jedi can gather together (in episode 9 there can be many of them) and use force deflect Black Hole back to Death Star and it will be sucked by their own Black Hole. For example, like Kylo Ren stopped blaster bolt in episode 7.

2nd, they can cheat Dark Side and make some fake information leak about the location of rebels base, but instead of rebels base, there will be another real big Black Hole, which will change the trajectory of small Black Hole back and destroy Death Star.

3rd, because Supergiant star due to it's huge mass can collapse to Black Hole itself, then rebels can use it. For example, focus all star's radiation back inside the star. In this case, This can lead t the Gravitational collapse of Supergiant star, which will swallow up the Death Star after collapsing.

P.S. If you are George Lucas/Disney and it looks interesting for you, we can talk about copyright of this idea :)

P.P.S. This post is not absolutely precise from a scientific point of view, but I believe all numbers are correct. For planet and the Black Hole animation real Einstein differential equation from general relativity was solved. Simulation is based on this example.

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