Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guitar Effects Program for PC that has Guitar Distortion online effect, lowpass filter, compressor and other effects

This simple program is a software pedal board simulator which works in your browser and any soft installation to your computer is not required. List of supported features of Online Virtual Guitar Processor:
  • Applying different effects sequentially or building effects chain like compressor->Distortion->Some Filter
  • Applying the same effect many times with different parameters like 2 different filters
  • On fly effects parameter changing (playing guitar and change distortion level at the same time)
  • On fly adding/removing effects
  • On fly effects reordering
List of available sound effects for guitar:
  • Distortion pedal, with different parameters can be turned into overdrive or fuzz
  • Bi-Quadratic filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, lowshelf, highshelf, peaking, notch, allpass)
  • Echo or delay
  • Compressor
It works in Chrome and Firefox browsers. For me it works better in Chrome, but maybe for some other computer and OS it will work better in Firefox. It really performs realtime sound effects.
It is absolutely free! Watch this video as a demo and another demo with real guitar of this online software.

Update 10 June 2017

  • Firefox support has been improved. Now it works completely fine in Firefox.
  • Latency (delay) has been reduced. 70 ms (0.07 seconds) in FireFox, 200 ms (0.2 seconds) in Google Chrome and 45 ms (0.045 seconds) in MacBook Pro with Safari.
Available Effects:
Selected Effects: